Amazing Grace

Maria Mamud writes:
In April, 2000 I was in Uruguay, my country of origin, in which I visited different cities. First I passed by Montevideo, the capital, and just a few kilometers away I passed by Canelones, a very pretty place called El Pinar. There I stayed with the Lincoln family as well as Raquel Lopez. She had learned about Agnihotra two years ago. In her garden she has huge plants of hydrangea with big beautiful flowers. She mentioned that the only reason they are so big and beautiful is because she puts Agnihotra ash on them. The incredible thing is that her garden is located under pine trees, which usually make the soil very acidic and nothing grows, but not in this case. She performs Agnihotra, then puts Agnihotra ash on her plants. Also, she added that in the winter her garden is the only one without frost. She has medicinal herbs year round!

Then I visited a place called Rincòn de la Bolsa in the Department of San Jose. There they have a university of music called Artesofia, which is also a Homa farm with a resonance point activated. They have around three hundred fruit trees in forty hectares, a place of silence in a building that is dedicated exclusively to women, a house and school for the children, milk cows, and they make their own honey. Their agriculture is based upon the Homa fires. You can feel an atmosphere filled with peace and harmony. They have ten papaya trees, which don’t normally grow in Uruguay; nevertheless, they all have wonderful fruits. The residents of the farm are very simple and generous people, willing to help others at any moment. They live in a community run by a man from Spain, Manuel Serrano. He and his wife are very devoted to Shree Vasant and all of his teachings. They are very open-minded when it comes to practicing Fivefold Path. Not only Uruguayans live at this farm; there are people from Spain, Chile and Colombia.

From there I went to the center of the country to the Department of Durazno to Sarandí del Yi. There I met a lady who doesn’t perform Agnihotra but had put Agnihotra ash only on two of her hibiscus because she had run out of ash to put it on the third. The hibiscus that didn’t receive any ash grew to be a dwarf. The other two grew tall and look beautiful.

My trip ended in Paysandú, the city where I was born. There I met a woman who, for four months in the upper part of her foot close to the toes, had a wound infected with staphylococcus dorado. The pain was unbearable because the infection went all the way to the bone. All the treatments she tried didn’t work. We applied ghee with Agnihotra ash. The wound started to close and after five days the doctor told her that the staphylococcus dorado was completely gone and the wound was fifty percent closed. After fifteen days she was able to wear shoes on her wounded foot. Also, she has two granddaughters who live with her and perform Agnihotra and do fifteen minutes of Om Tryambakam. Their behavior has changed dramatically. The granddaughters treated each other with more love and they would help with the house chores even when they weren’t asked to.

Another lady, Marina Caraccio de Maya, performs Agnihotra but not on a daily basis. She teaches yoga and gymnastics and noticed that every time she doesn’t perform Agnihotra she is unable to complete her schedule of classes because of her pregnancy. On the other hand, when she does the Agnihotra she can give classes all day long without fatigue.

Josefa Maza de Capelli is a lady who had surgery for breast cancer. For four months her arm had been swollen and had a red coloration like erysipelas and was warm. We put Agnihotra ash with ghee on the wound and after an hour the erysipelas was completely gone and it wasn’t warm anymore. She learned how to perform Agnihotra and she feels much better now.

Additionally, my aunt, Luz Nuñez de Maya, is 72 years old and has been doing the Agnihotra for two years and feels great because of it. In result of this, she teaches Agnihotra to everyone. She has had incredible results with the fires. For example, my uncle was very antisocial, bad tempered, and wouldn’t participate in any social event. Now, he is a changed man! He is very friendly and attends all social events.

Everywhere I went, I saw the Grace of SHREE GAJANAN. Thank you Holy Father for giving us the opportunity to serve.

GRACE—A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

Maria Mamud writes:
In April, 1998 I traveled to Uruguay to visit my mother. I spent two weeks in Paysandu, capital of the Department of Paysandu, city where I was born and where I lived until I was nineteen years old. To everyone I met, I talked about Homa Therapy.

Last year my cousin, Alicia Leites de Caraccio and her husband Juan Caraccio came to Miami and they learned about Agnihotra. They bought a pyramid and when they went back to Paisandu they started to practice this therapy. Alicia was most enthusiastic about it. Since they had started practicing Agnihotra, everything went well for them. Their problems disappeared. Especially they started to do very well in their real estate business. Even though Juan was not always participating, he would ask Alicia to do Agnihotra.

They suggested that I hire a cleaning lady to help my mother, who could also give her some companionship. The lady who was chosen by my mother was a very sick person who has suffered for many years from asthma. When I met her I saw her in such bad shape that after we signed the contract I explained Agnihotra to her. Immediately, she told me that she wanted to do it. The next day she came to learn it. From the first day, she started feeling much better. Even pain that she had been suffering from for many years started to disappear after the first day. She also used to sleep very badly because of her asthma. From the first day she started to sleep much better—one more hour than before. Her whole chest also started to clear out and eliminate a lot of congestion and she started to breathe better. This made me decide to give her my pyramid.

The next day I picked up my cousin Anna. She is now forty years old, but when she was two she had bacterial meningitis, which left her severely mentally retarded. She has a lot of nervousness and behaves like a five-year-old girl. She is always asking questions about everything and cannot remain quiet or tranquil for even a little while. I exposed her to Agnihotra. After she inhaled the smoke, she remained silent and she didn’t ask any questions at all. She behaved as if she were a normal person. The effect of Agnihotra on my cousin was so strong that my aunt asked about it. My aunt is the kind of person who doesn’t believe in anything or anyone. She wanted to learn Agnihotra so she could practice it for Anna’s health. She decided that she was going to go to my mother’s house every afternoon at Agnihotra time.

I also told this experience to some of my friends. There are three sisters who are unmarried who live with their elderly parents who are very conservative. They react very negatively toward anything that is not the Catholic religion. They wanted to practice Agnihotra because their house was becoming full of water. All of the coast of the Uruguay River was inundated. Whole neighborhoods of the whole coast of the river is being affected by flooding. Poor people in the shanty towns and very wealthy people with beautiful houses have been hit by the floods. I told this family that Agnihotra is a protection from any ecological disaster that is coming, and that we have witnessed such cases. We decided to do an Agnihotra demonstration in their house.

I said I would go and look for the oldest sister, Sara Noriega, at the primary school where she works. I had received all of my primary school education in this Catholic school with Theresean nuns. It was founded by Father Paveda in Spain during the Civil War, when all priests and nuns were executed. Father Paveda decided to found a congregation of civilians who would be religious people who would teach Catholic religion in the schools.

I never would have imagined that now I was teaching Agnihotra to the director of the school. She was very interested in learning Agnihotra. She also told two of her friends about out it, one of whom is also a teacher at the school, so that they would go to the Agnihotra meeting which I held at my cousin’s house.

This meeting was a tremendous success. A veterinarian who attended the meeting told me that Agnihotra was going to expand itself in Paisandu because she has never seen so many people at a meeting at my cousin’s house and so many people interested in buying Agnihotra copper pyramids. This group already has a spiritual interest. They believe in extraterrestrials who are more evolved. They are people who are searching.

I also visited Mr. Sarnicola, a Brazilian agriculturist who wants to do organized agriculture. He has eight hectares of land. For four years he was working on a tobacco plantation but now he has done his first planting of avocados. When we went to visit him, he told us that there are so many different sickness affecting plants in Uruguay that nothing can be controlled. He also was very worried about his crop of tomatoes because in the neighboring area of Salto all the tomatoes had failed because sickness was destroying the crops. When we told him about Homa Therapy and Homa Agriculture he immediately said that he wanted to do it.

After I left Paisandu, many people called, wanting pyramids, sunrise/sunset timings and cassette tapes of the Agnihotra mantras. Alicia remains in charge of getting these things to the people. She said that her telephone keeps ringing constantly and people keep ringing her doorbell, asking about Agnihotra and Homa Therapy. This is why Shree Vasant always says that we make a little effort and everything is given by Grace.

I am grateful and I give thanks to Shree Vasant for having given me the opportunity to serve and to learn. Om Shree!