Homa Therapy in Colonia, Uruguay

Upon arriving at the Farm “Los Paraísos” of Christian Saretzki in Colonia de Sacramento, we truly felt like arriving at a Paradise with its kind people and exuberant nature.

In addition to the joy of meeting Christian’s parents, Sonia and Hans, we also met the guardian of the Homa Farm “Tenjo”, Mrs. Maria Teresa Núñez and her son Sebastian.
(Photos left: Christian and his mother preparing Agnihotra. They already knew and practiced Agnihotra. Maria Teresa at sunset.)

Christian had organized in advance an
audiovisual presentation of the Benefits and Effects of
Homa Therapy in Health and Agriculture
in “The House of
of Colonia.

We continued to share Agnihotra on Christian’s farm with his friends, such as Mikel, who is a healer. Mikel learned quickly and happily Agnihotra.

An Agnihotra workshop was given in the “Viveka Yoga Studio” of Pat and Oli. There, Prof. Abel also taught some simple and effective therapeutic exercises…
We enjoyed walking in the farm and met the oldest and largest tree, called "El Abuelo" (grandfather).
 (Photos this page.)

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