Agnihotra Pyramid

Can I perform Agnihotra in any copper pyramid?
No. This particular small Agnihotra should be performed in a pyramid of specific size and shape. Pyramids of different sizes or pyramids with handles or pyramids with inscriptions embossed on the rim are not suitable for Agnhotra.
You can order an Agnihotra pyramid kit from this website.

Can I perform different Homas or Yajnyas in this Agnihotra copper pyramid?
It is best if one pyramid is kept only for Agnihotra. Other Homas such as Vyahruti Homa and On Tryambakam Homa may be performed in a second pyramid.

What do you do with the pyramid and ash after Agnihotra?
If possible the Agnihotra pyramid and the energy resulting from the Agnihotra process are best left undisturbed until the next Agnihotra time. Just before the next Agnihotra you can empty the ash using your right hand and store it in a glass jar, paper bag, box or clay pot. Bags and containers made of plastic or metals other than copper are not recommended.

The ash from the Agnihotra fire is extremely medicinal. It can be ingested daily. Several ash medicines have been developed in Germany. The ash is also a powerful fertilizer for the garden or farm and beneficial in any water source.

What materials can be used for cleaning the Agnihotra pyramid?
It is not necessary to clean the Agnihotra pyramid. The gradual accumulation of ash on the inside of the pyramid does not adversely affect the Agnihotra vibration. In fact by cleaning the pyramid you may inadvertently disturb the crystalline structure of the copper atoms which would definitely interfere with the Agnihotra vibration. Never scratch the inside of the pyramid. In case a crust of unburnt substances has built up inside the pyramid, this can be removed by having a bigger fire.

What should I do if my pyramid breaks or bends or holes appear due to performance of fire?
You should get a new copper pyramid for Agnihotra.