Quiet Your Mind


              Why always thinking? Just let the mind be still. So you do your Mantra intensely next few days. Prayer and meditation will take you higher and you have answers to all the problems.

         Put all concentration on Mantra. Cleanse yourself of all, all negative thoughts and emotions. Let it all go. There is so much more involved here. It is not all that meets the eye but much deeper.

        Do not allow fear to root itself in your heart. Attachment is the blockage. Continue reading “Quiet Your Mind”

Agnihotra Healing Session in Manila, Philippines

Joanna Allas writes from Manila, Philippines:

Agnihotra healing session in one of the densest parts of the city in Metro Manila, Philippines. My clairvoyant friends who were experiencing the healing ritual for the first time couldn’t believe the enormous healing power of Agnihotra.

According to them they saw a magnificent violet pillar of light coming from the sky going down to the pyramid. They even saw Green emerald light of healing. So awesome!

Until now I am still buzzing from the healing experience.