Global Bee Death

Science has been relatively clear in predicting how few are the years between when the bees die and when the humans follow them. It appears now that the honey bees are pretty well on their way to extinction in the majority of the globe. Up till now it was considered something of a mystery as to who killed them.
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Knowledge is Given by Grace

       This Knowledge is not one person’s claim. It exists; it is there. It is there for the taking. But in order to receive the knowledge one has to recognize that this is knowledge and merely accept it. Knowledge is given by Grace.

         If you see things around you in a state of confusion don’t become that confusion. If you can change it or make the situation clearer then do that. Otherwise rise above it.

            When our children do Agnihotra, they behave better. When they do the disciplines also, they will be model citizens.

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Assessment of Variables in Crop Production of Melon

Extract from University Research Report
UAP (University Arturo Prat)
Iquique, Chile
Agronomist Carolina Morales
Agronomist Cecilia Lara Pol

  ASSESSMENT OF VARIABLES IN CROP PRODUCTION OF MELON (Cucumis melo Linnaeus reticulatus group) under two conditions: Conventional farming and Organic agriculture with HOMA TECHNOLOGY

Extract of the CONCLUSIONS:
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Homa Farming Research Program at Arturo Prat University, Iquique, Chile

UAP (University Arturo Prat)
Iquique, Chile

During the years 2006 to 2009 two Agronomists, Carolina Morales and Cecilia Lara Pol, from the UAP (University Arturo Prat) in Iquique, Chile, undertook studies on Homa farming technology applied to fruits and vegetables which are grown in the region of northern Chile. They compared conventional agriculture with Homa farming and their research shows that the Homa fruits have better values in all parameters (harvesting time, size, color, polar and equatorial diameters and organoleptic characteristics of fruit).
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