Alberto Montenegro Moran’s Healing

Guayaquil, Ecuador

“I am 48 years and work selling in the streets. My right leg got swollen, but I didn’t pay much attention to that till the swelling became more and more severe. Then I had to go to a Medical Center for a test. That was on November 21st, 2008.

I was suffering from kidney failure for 5 months before I came to know about Homa Therapy. I was in bed and took medications, but without experiencing improvement. The doctors indicated that I had to undergo dialysis three times per week for the rest of my life.

But thanks to Homa Therapy I am alive and I am well without dialysis.”

Alberto’s wife, Cristina Casare Miranda de Montenegro, continues:
“In the month of November, my husband fell sick with a swollen leg. I took him to a clinic where they did some tests and they found out that his Creatinine and Urea levels were very high. The director of the medical center told him that he had only one month to live. Since I did not believe that, I took him to the hospital. I consulted five private doctors and they all told me the same, that my husband didn’t have more than one month to live.

Not knowing what to do, I managed to have him hospitalized, even though the doctors did not want to hospitalize him.

After 15 days in the hospital, his swelling reduced and seeing him stable, I was told to take him home and that the only way to save his life was through regular dialysis. Each dialysis costs 70 dollars and he needed three per week. Since our budget couldn’t handle this kind of expense, my husband decided not to get treated and simply die.

Not knowing what to do, I continued visiting the hospital, but the doctor didn’t give me any medicines for him. What they told me was, “that he would die”.

My desperation was so big, that I spoke to any person I met about my husband. Thank God, I met a lady in that same hospital, the one who prepared the food there. I asked her what I could feed my husband, since the food I gave him seemed to be harmful. The lady told me that I should take him to a therapy center and that there he might have a chance to survive. She gave me a testimony about her nephew, who had had the same illness and who was treated with Homa Therapy successfully.

That same day, I met Dr. Montufar and learned about Homa Therapy. But truly I was not sure if that could help him. There, listening to the testimonies of patients, who were treated, I went home and talked to my husband and told him that this was our only chance. My husband was more dead than alive.

The first day I placed Agnihotra ash below his tongue, he started to talk, which he could not do anymore. On the third day of giving him Agnihotra ash, my husband showed enthusiasm and energy. He got up from bed, which he had not done in a long time.

We give all our gratitude to Dr. Montufar who facilitated us with the Homa medicine and Therapy. My husband now is joyful and he can work. But most important, he is alive and healthy.

We had to go for another consultation with the doctor from the hospital and we told him that my husband had not received any dialysis. The doctor was very surprised to see my husband so well and he asked my husband everything: do you eat?, do you urinate?, etc. My husband responded to all questions with: Yes, yes. And we told the doctor the truth that my husband was doing Homa Therapy. The doctor suggested to do some more tests, but we have not returned to him because we have faith in Homa Therapy.

My husband also suffered from kidney stones, but he expelled them after 3 days with Homa Therapy and following all of Dr. Montufar’s indications. We thank God for having given us Homa Therapy.”