Centre of Light in Poland

Eco-village Bhrugu Aranya is an oasis of healing energies where wholistic health and spiritual development are nurtured–a sacred space where the higher self can be awakened. We bring nature and ourselves back into balance by utilizing Agnihotra and Homa Therapy, ancient practices from the science of Ayurveda.

The Centre of Light will be an ecological building within the heart of Eco-village Bhrugu Aranya, a sacred space for healing, learning and practical application of age-old knowledge, where ecological education is through direct experience, working in the organic gardens, spending time in Nature and learning how to create a sustainable future for our planet through direct action.
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Bhrugu Aranya, Poland — Haven of Healing and Love

Bhrugu Aranya …ahhhhh… is a place where the healing sound of silence is always audible, where it is easier to get more in touch with your true self–to be more aware of what inside may still need some polishing (like fears which may have been blocking your way) but also where you can even go through the relieving experience of seeing them go.

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First Homa Therapy Teacher Certification Course In Europe

The first Homa Therapy Teacher Certification Course in Europe was held at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya, a Homa organic farm community in the picturesque mountain region of southern Poland. The classes began on September 9, 2012, the 16th anniversary of the Parashuram Fire Temple at Bhrugu Aranya.

Asia Maher, Maria Kalisz, Suwindi Kadir, Luz de Luna Kmita, Rory Maher, Katherine Sawyer and Taylor Logsdon were certified by Fundacja Terapia Homa (Homa Therapy Foundation of Poland). Continue reading “First Homa Therapy Teacher Certification Course In Europe”

Focus All Energies on Service

                Focus all energies on service. See what you can do for each of your friends. You will see how every small detail in your life becomes somehow manageable and situations become clearer. Do not look outside yourself for answers. The personality will be less and less, more subtle. No more sorrow, No more suffering. No more judgment. This is truly His message. This is joy.

        Who determines the goal in one’s life? Ultimately each person must choose. An adolescent should choose good company. Each company we keep carries its own energy. So even if we are very good, if we choose to keep company with criminals that energy is taken onto us. Therefore, choose carefully the company you keep.

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Homa Therapy at ‘Fair of the Eternal’ in Millennium Mall, Caracas, Venezuela

Mr Zadir Vergara Correa wrote from Caracas, Venezuela:
“Dear Friends, I send this photograph (below) from the 2nd November, 2012 when Dr. Marveys Hernandez (in white before the Homa fire), always so kind, came to our call for the opening VYAHRUTI HOMA of the tenth annual Fair of the Eternal in Millennium Mall, Caracas, Venezuela.
Dr. Marveys also received an invitation from the radio station for an interview for the purpose of publicizing the achievements of this ancient wisdom of Homa Therapy in our country, Venezuela.
I send you a BIG HUG and thousands of blessings!”