Bhrugu Aranya, Poland — Haven of Healing and Love

Bhrugu Aranya …ahhhhh… is a place where the healing sound of silence is always audible, where it is easier to get more in touch with your true self–to be more aware of what inside may still need some polishing (like fears which may have been blocking your way) but also where you can even go through the relieving experience of seeing them go.

It’s a place where each person you come across is a healer in his own way, where, through interaction, your needs are well taken care of, unexpectedly, like a gift from God.

Here, Divine love is ever pulsating and manifesting in every way. In case you forget, you will be
constantly reminded of the Divine´s infinite love and care.

This is a place which allows you to communicate with your soul, to find your own strength, to deeply connect with sister souls, to discover interconnectedness among beings and with all Nature. Here you can learn to truly listen and to express yourself in so many creative ways.

Negative words don´t seem to even fit. This highly blessed air will encourage the mind to no longer continue in that direction.

This is a place to let go of old structures, of patterns of behavior and thought that are no longer useful–a place to make peace with the past, and discover the need to rejuvenate the emotional body. This is a place of new beginnings. It is an amazing haven for healing body, mind and spirit. Allow yourself to breathe, to dance, to laugh, to dream, to fully be, allow your light to shine. This is a place to start believing in yourself, in love, to trust life, to grow in faith, to learn to depend just on the Divine.

In Bhrugu Aranya the soul is delicately rescued, and well taken care of. You can allow yourself the freedom to feel and be accepted the way you are. You will find wisdom, truth, compassion, love, understanding, joy, respect, and ever-unfolding Grace. In Bhrugu Aranya your human spirit is honored, and those special inner moments and most humbling experiences will be sacredly kept.

Here you can gain awareness of your calling to serve the whole or how to better serve it. If you are one of those who can´t figure out how to serve, leave your worries behind. Here you will be gently reminded, inspired and will be given plenty of opportunities to give and serve the whole. If your heart is well connected to service, then this place will fully resonate with you.

What to bring? A willing and open heart. Your heart is not open yet? It does not matter. Here you can allow it to open. It works like magic. Still you will have to walk the way, but the Divine´s ever-showering Grace will make you feel as if you are being carried all along. Prepare for abundance.

Embrace what you may see as your shortcomings, your fears, merge with your pain, with anything
you may be resisting and use it to increase your awareness, your care, your understanding, your compassion, your patience, your love for others …the pain will go, the fear will go, only love will remain…COME…it is safe here, let your soul feel the joy of a heart full of love. Bhrugu Aranya is pure, peaceful, so full of life, so real…it is already a truly shining Center of Light … OM

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