Devotion Has to Come

          That devotion has to come. It has to always be there, in good and bad times. In life you will experience both. But once you reach a certain level they become one and the same. Pain becomes irrelevant. One experiences pain but it does not devastate the person. It does not bring you down. It lifts you higher. Bliss like you have known comes through pain like you have never had before. It is like that. Continue reading “Devotion Has to Come”

Agnihotra Workshops in North & South Islands of New Zealand, November 2011

Frits and I will be in New Zealand, North & South Island, in November, 2011 conducting workshops on Agnihotra and Homa Therapy. The tour schedule is as follows:

Blockhouse Bay/ Sunday, Nov. 6th / 5 – 9pm
Nirmala D’Souza, 09 627 2454, M 021 269 5364

Radio interview / Wednesday, Nov. 19th / 1 – 2pm
Radio Tarana, Radio AKL 1386 AM

Radio interview / Thursday, Nov. 10th / 1 – 2pm
AM1206, Streamed online at

Awhitu / Thursday, Nov. 10th / 6.30 – 9.30pm
Linda Jones, 09 235 1187, M 027 495 4748

Auckland Te Atatu / Friday Nov 11h / 6.30 – 9.30 pm
Rashmi Bhatia, 09 8352998

Ellerslie / Saturday, Nov. 12th / 5 – 9pm
Darryl Sang, M 027 471 9452, Rudolph Steiner House, 104 Michael’s Ave

Hamilton / Sunday, Nov. 13th / 4 – 8.30pm
Barry Bartlett, 07 838 1838, M 027 443 6340, Hamilton Spiritual Centre, 481 Anglesea St

Turangi / Tuesday, Nov. 15th / 5 – 9pm
Bryan, M 02 179 9056, Awhi Farm

Palmerston North / Wednesday, Nov. 16th / 6.30 – 9pm
304 Church St. $5 venue fee / TS Members $2, Hosted by Theosophical Society Palmerston North branch

Wellington / Thursday, Nov. 17th / 6.30 – 9pm
Raj Vinod Anand, M 021 02740315, “Our Place” James Smith Building, cnr Cuba & Manner

Motueka / Saturday, Nov. 19th / 4 – 8pm
Verena, 03 5267 805, Riverside Community, Upper Moutere

Golden Bay / Sunday, Nov. 20th / 4 – 8pm
Joanna, 03 525 8448, “Sandcastle” venue fee $5, Haile Lane, Pohara

Masterton / Tuesday, Nov. 22nd / 6.30 – 9pm
Hella Coenen, 06 372 5624

Havelock North / Thursday, Nov. 24th / 6.30 – 9pm
Corra MacIntyre, 06 870 3756, Mangarau Steiner Kindergarten, 140 Mangarau Cres

Hawkes Bay / Saturday, Nov. 26th / 10am – 8pm
Hands-on workshop at Koanga Institute

Auckland Ellerslie / Tuesday, Nov. 29th / 6.30 – 9pm
Bring your kit, Darryl Sang, 09 5261989

Dr Miroslav Haber on Radioactivity

One Eastern European scientist said:
“Normally scientists will not understand easily how radioactivity can be neutralised by doing AGNIHOTRA. They always think of burning something as a chemical process only. But if it is only a chemical process then the nuclei of the atoms would not be changed. And therefore radioactivity could not be affected at all.

But in the last few years there were some articles on so-called ‘Cold Fusion’ where under quite normal conditions in laboratories, atoms were fused. Most scientists do not believe that this is possible. However, these reports were correct. In the Agnihotra process there is also something like cold fusion. This explains how radioactivity can be eliminated. The brainwaves of a person sitting near Agnihotra have an impact on the flame. If you measure the frequencies of the flame by some optical methods we could get something like EEG without even touching that person.” Continue reading “Dr Miroslav Haber on Radioactivity”

Agnihotra at Holistic Fair in the Millennium Mall, Caracas, Venezuela

Dr. Marveys Hernandez was invited to present Homa Therapy and Agnihotra in a Holistic Fair in the Millennium Mall in the Center of Caracas.

She introduced Agnihotra and Homa Therapy and also did the Tryambakam Homa during the day. This way, she attracted the interest of many people and she patiently answered the many questions about the origin, benefits and practice of this ancient healing technique from the Vedas.