Devotion Has to Come

          That devotion has to come. It has to always be there, in good and bad times. In life you will experience both. But once you reach a certain level they become one and the same. Pain becomes irrelevant. One experiences pain but it does not devastate the person. It does not bring you down. It lifts you higher. Bliss like you have known comes through pain like you have never had before. It is like that.

          If you go more and more into these disciplines, you will live in harmony. One word of kindness does more than twenty words of criticism or insult. One kind word, one kind thought, all the time. Smile.

           Dreams fall into different categories. Some dreams are direct instruction dreams in which you are told what to do, guidance is given by Higher Power. Then there are other things which come into play – your fears and desires, past Karma and symbolic dreams. Not everything needs to be interpreted. When a meaning is required you will get it.

                 There is much negative energy outside now. The dark forces are in operation and with so many people becoming open to the spiritual world some get attracted to these negative energy forms.

                 Body cannot go on being abused or neglected. Body is given as instrument here on earth. It is to be reasonably cared for and kept clean and well fed. It is not to be obsessed over and thus the center of one’s attention, but conversely it is not to be denied or ignored. Somewhere in the middle. Generally speaking, EXERCISE IS THE KEY.

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