Always Behave in a Selfless Manner

If you always behave in a selfless manner, people themselves become more inclined to be selfless with you. If you study your own behaviour, you will begin to understand the behaviour of others. So first and always, look to your own self before judging another person. So quick we are, to point the finger toward another individual and say "he is at fault" but often what is meant for one person is also for another.

       No need, no longing, no prayer is unheard. All is known. All is attended to. Divine cares for every single solitary need. Divine surrounds with LOVE.

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Centre of Light Indiegogo Funding Campaign

Dear Friends around the world,
Bhrugu Aranya is a blossoming International Ecovillage in the foothills of the majestic Tatra Mountains in southern Poland. Over the years, numerous people have visited our centre and had life-changing transformational experiences. Here, visitors and guests can receive healing, learn about spiritual ecology, connect with Nature and experience conscious community living. Continue reading “Centre of Light Indiegogo Funding Campaign”

Yoga is Most Beneficial for the Body

          Yoga is most beneficial for the body’s systems, rejuvenating if done correctly Yoga can slow down the aging process.

        Our army is being trained to move all over the world. This army of Love have no weapons, no enemies. Only Love and science of Yajnya. Our aim is to rejuvenate the planet from the roots to the heavens. Through the agency of fire this atmosphere surrounding the planet will be healed.

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