The Agnihotra Homa fire is magical!

Daniel Felipe Coy
Homa farm Tenjo, Colombia, South America

      Daniel writes:
"Dear Abel, after making the 3-week trial, you proposed to me, I have to tell you something:

       The day after your departure, I got up to do Agnihotra. During that day I was looking for work, hoping that something comes to me soon. Two days earlier, I had been in an interview, where things really went wrong.
After finishing Agnihotra, I checked my email in order to see whether I had received any proposal for work and I actually found one. It was an email asking for more information on my experience.

I answered immediately and within 30 minutes I received the reply, offering a virtual interview after two days. The man lives in Australia.
I kept doing the Homa fires and preparing for the interview.
 The interview was not as nerve-wracking as I imagined it to be. It was not even a test. I was just shown what I had to do. I already had the job!
  I am now almost one month with this work and I received my first payment. I feel very happy and I give all the credit to the Fire! The amazing thing is that by starting to do it with discipline, I got a job where I feel really good. I’ve also been chanting the Tryambakam Homa daily.
     Finalizing this story: A week ago, I had the opportunity to give a talk to a group of 40 people on web programming. The fire is magical! With all love." 
(Photo: Daniel and his wife Liz Karen practicing Agnihotra in front of their house in the Homa farm Tenjo.)

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