Homa Therapy in Juvenile Correctional Facility, Villavicencio, Colombia

      We arrived in Villavicencio in the company of mother Maria Teresa Nuñez. There, we met the lovely couple Diana Molano and her husband Joaquin Rozo, both devoted Agnihotra practitioners since 4 years.
They had organized several Homa presentations and meetings in the city.

The first encounter was in the Correctional Institution for juvenile offenders. They do also suffer from some physical health issues.
However, most of all they lack orientation and healthy mental guidelines, inspiration and motivation to achieve their highest dreams and ideals.

The practice of the Fivefold Path and the Homa fires can:
 – return them the lost wings to fly towards a life filled with love, values and purpose
– prepare them to be a valuable member ready to serve the community .

 Photos: Prof. Abel talking to these young people, asking questions and teaching them relaxing Yoga and breathing exercises

Photos this page: After having learned the evening Agnihotra Mantras,
we chanted them at sunset.  We could see how their faces relaxed.
There were laughter and smiles and all the negative energy were guided their way out …
Where there is light, darkness cannot be.     And the Light of the Homa Fires reaches into the last corner, hidden outside and inside of us.      Divine Grace is working …

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