Agnihotra and Homa Fires Give Protection against Eathquakes and Other Natural Disasters

         Mrs. Rocío de Obando wrote:
" Due to the earthquake that we experienced, we asked the Agnihotris of Ecuador to intensify the practice of all the Homa fires we know, especially Agnihotra.

 The day of the quake, we were in Huaquillas, El Oro (in the hacienda of Mayor Vivar) expanding the knowledge of the sacred fires. It was Mr. José Yaguana, who invited us. From that day on, we meet at the home of Marianita Pazmiño, at the River Club (invited by Mr. Paul Segura), in the Iluminaris Institute with its Director Jimmy Paredes and various private places to help the atmosphere of our beloved planet. In our home, we are practicing daily one hour of Tryambakam Homa. Let’s stay connected through the healing fires of Homa Therapy. Om Shree Om."

       All our brothers in Ecuador who practice Homa Therapy, have felt protection and have not been majorly affected by the earthquake. In Guayaquil, Don Patricio, the owner of the vegetarian restaurant ‘Amaranto’, told us that "despite having glass and porcelain everywhere, nothing broke or  even moved. Such is the greatness and power of Homa Therapy."
        Sonia Hunter, director of the Homa Center Guayaquil, is going with a group of Homa volunteers and Reiki practitioners to hospitals to help and talk to people affected psychologically by having lost their families. This is done in addition to daily Agnihotra for the public and distributing its ash.

Dr. Jaime Montufar continues to provide assistance to those affected:
"In the Homa Medical Center ‘The Good Shepherd’ of Guayaquil, we have opened a new service to the community due to the earthquake. Many people have neurologic disorders, fear, loss of sleep, shocks and loss of appetite. Diseases are increasing and the self esteem is lowering. Together with the engineer Franklin Ortiz and his son, Damos, we are giving free medical services and medication, besides the healing Agnihotra ash. We trust fully in God and the abundance of the Homa fires and we want to continue to help many people. If you know people who need us, they are welcome on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We know that God sustains us and protects us! Our heart asks us to help and this is the Homa way. Om Shree Om."

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