Always Behave in a Selfless Manner

If you always behave in a selfless manner, people themselves become more inclined to be selfless with you. If you study your own behaviour, you will begin to understand the behaviour of others. So first and always, look to your own self before judging another person. So quick we are, to point the finger toward another individual and say "he is at fault" but often what is meant for one person is also for another.

       No need, no longing, no prayer is unheard. All is known. All is attended to. Divine cares for every single solitary need. Divine surrounds with LOVE.

      If you tell someone what to do, then in a sense you are partially responsible. The person can always come back to you later on and say, "See, you told me to do this and I am unhappy". So you can give suggestions and better yet, be an example, but you cannot tell people point blank, "Do this." That is interfering with their Karma and you suffer consequences on some level. It may not be noticeable but still what you do comes back to you.

       There is so much allotted to you. You cannot handle it by intellectual means. Only thing is Mantra. Do the Mantra all the time. Then your capacity will increase thousandfold.

   You don’t have to think anything. Just do the Mantra. Just do the disciplines.

  You will think you are in a dream. So perfect everything will be. You will be strong for others. They will find shelter and relief in you. You shine as a light unto the world. Just the Mantra and think of Shree’s image. Everything for you is Grace.

   It is more than destiny. It is Divine Will. Treat difficulties and success equally in Shree’s name. All else will be added unto you. Do the Mantra and think of Shree.

    All peace is coming now. Heaven on earth is awaiting us.

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