Yoga is Most Beneficial for the Body

          Yoga is most beneficial for the body’s systems, rejuvenating if done correctly Yoga can slow down the aging process.

        Our army is being trained to move all over the world. This army of Love have no weapons, no enemies. Only Love and science of Yajnya. Our aim is to rejuvenate the planet from the roots to the heavens. Through the agency of fire this atmosphere surrounding the planet will be healed.

      What is required now is one pointed attention and intensity of Mantra and the fires we do.

          If someone blames another person for failures in his life, he is missing his lesson. If someone has led you in wrong direction and willingly you have followed that, the blame cannot be placed on him.

      Place it at Our Feet and be done with it.

           You cannot teach common sense. If a person does not have that it is only because the mind is undisciplined. The mind is preoccupied with other thoughts, whether they be fantasies, worries, fears or the like. So it does not utilize its full potential. Then such people are referred to as ‘scatter brained’. This is a very accurate word as it describes the undisciplined mind. So one cannot learn ‘common sense’. One cannot learn even to make best use of his ability to draw on logic or intuitions unless one’s mind is properly trained. Once the mind is trained properly all the natural abilities come to the fore and the person can begin to live an efficient life with clarity of mind.

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