Maria Magdalena’s MiniYoga for Children – Part 4

Maria Magdalena Bernales


       Hello everyone! A warm greeting for each one of you, wishing you all the best for these special moments that we are all going through. Moments we can use to observe ourselves and be aware of the possibility to get to know ourselves a little better every day.

Our fourth step of The Fivefold Path is "Self-study", a fundamental step for liberation. Who am I? Where am I? Our job on this planet is to learn to react with Total Love in each opportunity given.

We hope this information is of use to all of you, in order to help you communicate these valuable ancient tools to all the children you may share it with… they are waiting!
With eternal gratitude,
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On Self-development

Let us not strain ourselves in an attempt to attain enlightenment. We will catch glimpses along the way of the pure state of “I and my Father are one.” But let the end not be our only impetus. Many people wish only to reach that highest state so they can feel unburdened of worldly pressures and feel at peace with themselves all the time.

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