Maria Magdalena’s MiniYoga for Children – Part 4

Maria Magdalena Bernales


       Hello everyone! A warm greeting for each one of you, wishing you all the best for these special moments that we are all going through. Moments we can use to observe ourselves and be aware of the possibility to get to know ourselves a little better every day.

Our fourth step of The Fivefold Path is "Self-study", a fundamental step for liberation. Who am I? Where am I? Our job on this planet is to learn to react with Total Love in each opportunity given.

We hope this information is of use to all of you, in order to help you communicate these valuable ancient tools to all the children you may share it with… they are waiting!
With eternal gratitude,

What do you think the girl in the drawing is doing?

We can use these moments when we sit quiet, to ask ourselves:
Who am I? How am I? What makes me happy?
We all know others very well, we know our families, our teachers, our friends and we know them so much that we know exactly what makes them happy, when are they going to get mad or what makes them sad … and …. Do I know myself that well? Am I aware of my feelings before doing or saying something or do I only realize them afterwards?


Self-study is to ask ourselves:
Who am I? Am I the same person at home, at school, while I’m visiting someone, while with my parents or with my grandparents?
It’s like there are many “selves” inside of me … to know and to realize this, is to know oneself.

We have to learn to see that we have many beautiful things inside ourselves, without feeling better than others and that we also have many things that we need to change, without feeling lesser. It is very good to acknowledge our faults and improve them, but it is more important yet, to recognize our virtues or good things. That is the only way we can make them bigger and better and, in that way give these to everyone.

When I start knowing myself, I become aware of the things I agree with and things that I don’t. We have to be very brave not to let ourselves be influenced other people. If someone invites me to do something of that I do not agree, for me to say NO in a very sure and convincing way, is a great act of bravery.

It is also important to learn to communicate our feelings. Talk with mom or dad, our grandparents or anyone we trust. When we communicate our sorrows, it’s like getting weight off our back, we feel lighter… and if we communicate our joys, everybody will be happy too! The sorrows are divided and the joys are multiplied!

Always remember that inside of us there is a special place where we can be okay and in peace… it is so nice there. To look for this place inside, with the help of Meditation, is to know ourselves better.

HOMEWORK 1: Meditate 5 to 10 minutes every day, if this is during sunrise or sunset, it would be much better, since these are moments of higher energy on the planet!

HOMEWORK 2: Make a “Who Am I Notebook”, with a self-portrait on the first page and start writing all you find out about yourself. You can write down your dreams, ideas, discoveries about you and anything that can help you to get to know yourself better. If at any moment you don´t know what to write, ask other people how they see you.

Listen carefully to the song in the following link: 

See you next time!

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 Based on the program: Yoga & Meditation for Children by Fran Rosen & Bonnie Maltby

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