On Self-development

Let us not strain ourselves in an attempt to attain enlightenment. We will catch glimpses along the way of the pure state of “I and my Father are one.” But let the end not be our only impetus. Many people wish only to reach that highest state so they can feel unburdened of worldly pressures and feel at peace with themselves all the time.

Let us meditate on the goal of gradually, each day, becoming more and more loving to ourselves and to those around us. Let us concentrate on giving rather than receiving, and more and more light will be shown to us.

Ideally, one should not feel that one has to give up something. Desires, old habits, likes and dislikes pass away. If, however, one becomes increasingly aware of a particular thing that one does that is detrimental to him, then it is his choice to try and leave it. This is Tapa, but Tapa is self-discipline. This means it is his choice. As one develops himself, the mind becomes more attuned and it becomes easier to gravitate towards positive things and leave negative ones behind.

Let us not put all energy into worry. Let us think of other people.

Let us never have anger towards anyone, no matter what he says or does to us. Anger can never heal anything. It is opposite of what we are trying to reach. To be full of love under all circumstances may seem difficult, but the difficulty is only on the surface. Actually, it is far easier to be kind and loving, even though in the beginning it requires some stern TAPA (self-discipline). It soon becomes simple, and one cannot imagine having anger at another person.

Do not concentrate on the negative aspects of people. Concentrate on positive. In discovering faults in yourself, let that not deter you; let it inspire you. Make the effort to rid yourself of your faults and you will be rewarded with their gradual disappearance if you practice your disciplines faithfully. Everything depends on your own efforts. You can be given one hundred indications in dreams and visions, but if you yourself do not make efforts to follow them, progress will be dulled.

Wanting sincerely to try to better oneself is the first step to self-improvement. If that desire is not there, nothing can come, but if there is some quest of truth about oneself, then a way is always provided. I’m not saying that this way will be simple, but it is given, in any case. Many people are suffering and, to the best of their knowledge, have NO WAY OUT. Their situations are 10-20-50 times worse than yours, and still no answers are there for them. Be always grateful for all that is given to you.

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