Bioenergetic Healing Event in Armenia, Quindio, Colombia

We celebrated another wonderful Homa Healing event in the city of Armenia in the Auditorium of SENA (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje = National Learning Service). Many people came in search of health and wellbeing. We heard live testimonies, with musical interludes. Mr Jaime Valbuena came from Bogota to sing the Ave Maria. Mrs Martha Elena Hoyos encouraged everyone to sing and she even danced with Prof. Abel on stage. Continue reading “Bioenergetic Healing Event in Armenia, Quindio, Colombia”

Arca de Fuego en Amazonía Peruana

En “Arca de Fuego”, lugar ubicado en la Amazonía peruana, diariamente se realiza la TERAPIA HOMA. Esta técnica, proveniente de las más antiguas ciencias Védicas de la bioenergía, medicina, agricultura e ingeniería climática, se refiere al proceso de eliminación de las condiciones tóxicas en la atmósfera mediante la realización de fuegos específicos.

Estos fuegos gradualmente reponen los nutrientes que la contaminación le quita a nuestro medio ambiente; restauran suelo, aire y fuentes de agua devolviendo el equilibrio ecológico a la Naturaleza y creando un ambiente de sanación y amor para los seres (plantas, animales y seres humanos) que habitan el lugar donde regularmente se practica la Terapia Homa.



Ark of Fire in Peruvian Jungle

Homa Therapy is performed daily at “Arca de Fuego” (Ark of Fire), a place located in the Peruvian Jungle. This technique which comes from ancient most Vedic sciences of bioenergy, medicine, agriculture and climate engineering, refers to the process of removing the toxic conditions of the atmosphere through the practice of specific fires.

These fires gradually replenish the nutrients that pollution robs from our environment, restores soil, air and water resources by setting Nature back into balance as well as creating a healing and loving environment for every being living (plants, animals, and human beings) where Homa Therapy is regularly practiced.



National Homa Therapy Meeting in San Marcos Sierra, Argentina

Ms. Mariela Pugliese organized the National Homa Therapy meeting in San Marcos Sierra, Argentina:

“On Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of January we celebrated the National Homa Therapy meeting with many fires, singing, drumming, lectures and teachings and we shared the many blessings we received during this meeting. We also watched the HBO Ole documentary – “Heirs of Fire” and Dr. Horacio Fuller gave a talk on Homa Therapy. He is a medical doctor, specialized in pneumology from Cordoba and he had the honor to meet Master Shree Vasant.”

Homa Therapy in North Germany

“The regular fullmoon Homafires of our North German Agnihotra group include a 3-hour Tryambakam fire. We meet at different people´s homes to do the fires and take turns in chanting the Mantra. This group has now been running for over 5 years. We are between 5 and 10 people.”

“I am a musician and I wrote a 4-part Om Tryambakam choir piece which my choir “ClangVarben” has performed many times. It often is sung for healing purposes.”

Continue reading “Homa Therapy in North Germany”

Second Homa Elqui Valley Pilgrimage, Chile

Mrs Lucia Boero wrote about the encounter in the Elqui Valley, Chile:

“We undertook the second Homa Elqui Valley Pilgrimage with great joy. It took place in the Cochiguaz Valley (latitude 30 degrees South). This special place was visited by Shree Vasant many times and it is considered a magnetic center that plays a special role in this New Era. Like all spiritual pilgrimage, the work is the ‘going within.’ Everyone has different experiences on the road and different challenges may emerge. But this place, with its huge mountains, can cure many things.” Continue reading “Second Homa Elqui Valley Pilgrimage, Chile”