National Homa Therapy Meeting in San Marcos Sierra, Argentina

Ms. Mariela Pugliese organized the National Homa Therapy meeting in San Marcos Sierra, Argentina:

“On Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of January we celebrated the National Homa Therapy meeting with many fires, singing, drumming, lectures and teachings and we shared the many blessings we received during this meeting. We also watched the HBO Ole documentary – “Heirs of Fire” and Dr. Horacio Fuller gave a talk on Homa Therapy. He is a medical doctor, specialized in pneumology from Cordoba and he had the honor to meet Master Shree Vasant.”

“We did sunrise Agnihotra at the banks of the River San Marcos (pictured above) and the Tryambakam at the Quilpo River. We offered the healing ashes to the river and we also took bath in it. The closing of the meeting took place at the school in San Marcos Sierra with many Agnihotras (see photo below). We will stay connected through the practice of the Homa healing fires, which have united this group with lots of love and through beautiful experiences.”

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