Second Homa Elqui Valley Pilgrimage, Chile

Mrs Lucia Boero wrote about the encounter in the Elqui Valley, Chile:

“We undertook the second Homa Elqui Valley Pilgrimage with great joy. It took place in the Cochiguaz Valley (latitude 30 degrees South). This special place was visited by Shree Vasant many times and it is considered a magnetic center that plays a special role in this New Era. Like all spiritual pilgrimage, the work is the ‘going within.’ Everyone has different experiences on the road and different challenges may emerge. But this place, with its huge mountains, can cure many things.”
“Performing the Homa disciplines there is a privilege, a blessing, especially on the full moon of November 11th, 2011. This is one of the clearest skies on the planet.”

“My thanks to all participants and the team that made this meeting possible and the Divine that gave us these blessings.”

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