News of Homa Therapy in Australasia – July 2011

Ralph and Sushi Ballard Warburton Victoria

In April and June 2011, Lee Ringma conducted Agnihotra workshops in Melbourne. Dr Ralph and wife, Sushi Ballard sponsored two workshops at their beautiful property in Warburton. We had the mutual feeling that Warburton was a sacred place of mountains and healing water and that the nature was calling for the protection and rejuvenation of Agnihotra.

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Bhrugu Aranya International Eco-Village Community in Poland

When I was a school boy I remember the other boys and I were talking about what we would do if there was a nuclear war. Everyone else agreed that they would rather die than survive and try to live in the aftermath of such a war. I, on the other hand, felt strongly that I would want to survive and live. There has always been a strong sense of survival in me, and the belief that a better world can be created and will be created.

I was born 2 months premature, and I guess that strong sense of survival, that determined will to live, was born in me then and carried me through that delicate time into today.
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Pure Organic Homa Therapy Ornamental Vegetable Xmas Tree Jungle Garden

In an attempt to reflect that a very small twelve foot by fifteen foot piece of earth can produce enough food for a few families, we grew a trellis garden behind Melanie Burch’s garage studio on St. James Road in Randallstown, Maryland, starting on May 15th, 2011. Stephanie Gasden and Freddie Lawrence expended great energy to erect the trellis.

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