Understanding Can Come in a Moment

         When the mind is clear, that guidance received is on a more subtle level. One becomes more, as they say, ‘intuitive’ but it is not his own doing. In other words, his instrument is a clearer channel for information to pass through.

          When one is not going deeper into this subtler range, one is receiving guidance – often clearly – but normally on a surface level. That is, instructions on what to do in one’s daily affairs. This is also good. Whatever is received is quite clear. However, the deeper level is when one can have access to a higher realm of TRUTH. It is subtle. Purify the body and mind with lighter diet, Yoga, meditations and allow for this ‘inner knowing’ to come up, to come through the instrument.

          If you go a little deeper into meditation many things will become clear. Then you reach a more subtle level.

          Understanding can come in a moment. It is not all the intellect. It is not all analysis. Understanding requires that one be willing to see his part in a given situation, thereby breaking through resistance, allowing oneself clarity of vision that results in a deeper understanding.

           Confusion comes with mind pollution. Do not become involved – become evolved. Do not be spoiled by or soiled by the confusion of others. Do not be swayed by opinion. People have their own self- interest, and from that point they go on talking, creating rumors, building walls between factions that do not exist normally.

       If one person does not participate in a disagreement the cycle comes to a halt. Look to how you can serve each other, how you can understand more each others’ point of view. Be the first to take responsibility for your part in any disagreement. This is humility. It cannot harm anything to give in. It can only begin to heal.

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