The Children Must Be Told

                  The children must be told. The children must be given the same assurance as We are giving to all of you. The children of today are greatly burdened with a world not of their making. They suffer from our diseases. They breathe our polluted air. They grow up with fear. Now is the time to replace this great burden and give the children hope that they cannot only survive but create a better world from the ashes of this one.

               If the child watches television, reduce his television watching. Do not be too extreme. Allow the child to watch television but less and less. Plan more activities for the children that draw them to the ancient holy fires and to the teachings of old. Teach them and listen to them as they in turn teach you.

Shree Vasant performing Agnihotra.
In the background Mahashree Gajanan Maharaj blessing in the presence of Lord Parshuram’s statue.
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Aida Aguilar’s Healing

Miami, Florida,

“My name is Aida Aguilar and I practice Agnihotra since June 1994. Since I remember, I was always a very depressed person, full of fear, without any self-esteem. There were times when I took antidepressants, went to the psychologist, did all kinds of workshops, read hundreds of motivational books, did visualizations, meditations, practiced forgiveness exercises, etc. Sometimes, it all seemed pointless.

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