Aida Aguilar’s Healing

Miami, Florida,

“My name is Aida Aguilar and I practice Agnihotra since June 1994. Since I remember, I was always a very depressed person, full of fear, without any self-esteem. There were times when I took antidepressants, went to the psychologist, did all kinds of workshops, read hundreds of motivational books, did visualizations, meditations, practiced forgiveness exercises, etc. Sometimes, it all seemed pointless.

Then in 1994, I met Jose Aguilar, who is now my husband, and he taught me Agnihotra. That same year, I was privileged to meet and hear Master Vasant teaching the Fivefold Path. Using the tool “Agnihotra” I could overcome all my problems and become the happy person I am now. I am balanced, calm, always at peace and I dearly love everyone and everything. Difficult situations are there, but my attitude towards them has changed. For example, when my brother died tragically, I could take this calmly and with acceptance; quite different from what would have happened years ago. A wonderful testimony at this time is related to my mother’s health. She is 91 years old and she suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. I do not live in Bogota, I live in United States and come to visit her at least once a year for ten days or two weeks. I was here in January and she was very sick. She was in a wheelchair, unable to speak. She could not recognize anyone. So I decided to come back soon, because I thought she was about to leave the body. I arrived on the 10th of May and today, after four weeks of receiving the benefits of Agnihotra healing fire, my mother walks at least 35 minutes a day and the wheelchair is in a corner in the garage. Last Sunday, she recited the complete ‘Creed’, and she calls me by my name and has a new light in her eyes.”