Homa Festival in Pisco, Elqui Valley, Chile

With GOD’s GRACE and the united effort of Agnihotris and artists, it was possible to organize very quickly a HOMA HEALING FESTIVAL in Pisco, Elqui Valley.

Along with the audio-visual presentation of Homa Therapy healings and videos from around the world, the “heaven-sent” professional musicians, Juanita Ozamiz and Alvaro Diáz (photo below right) coordinated all other artists, who contributed with their gifts and talents to this successful Homa event. Continue reading “Homa Festival in Pisco, Elqui Valley, Chile”

Homa Therapy at Health Fair in Caracas, Venezuela

Mr Zadir Correo sent the following information about the opening of a Health Fair in Caracas:

“Dr Marveys Hernandez performed the opening of our “Eternal Fair “on 31 October with a Vyahruti Homa. On the 3rd of November, the public was invited to participate in the Tryambakam Homa.”

Learn about Dr Marveys Hernandez’ remarkable recovery from uterine cancer with Agnihotra ash more than 20 years ago! Continue reading “Homa Therapy at Health Fair in Caracas, Venezuela”

Homa Hof, Heiligenberg, Germany Celebrates 25th Anniversary

We received these wonderful photos from the Homa Hof in Heiligenberg, Germany where they celebrated the 25th Anniversary of its existence with over 200 visitors.

It also was the third “Summer Meeting”.

Visitors had the opportunity to purchase exquisite Homa vegetables, to prepare ghee, to help prepare cow dung cookies, learn the Mantras, know the land, learn about Homa beekeeping, etc. Continue reading “Homa Hof, Heiligenberg, Germany Celebrates 25th Anniversary”

Homa Farm of Francisco and Cecilia Fernandez, Cochiguaz, Elqui Valley, Chile

Francisco (photo right) and Cecilia Fernandez talk about their Homa Farm, ‘Tara’:

“In 2003 we began to work the land, removing the many stones, thorn bushes and weeds. Our Homa farm was 1300 meters above sea level with much sun exposure.

“We had plenty of water from the river to irrigate. We applied the agricultural Homa Therapy by doing all the necessary fires, using the Homa ashes in planting and in the field with excellent results. Continue reading “Homa Farm of Francisco and Cecilia Fernandez, Cochiguaz, Elqui Valley, Chile”

Our Visit to Bhargava Dham, Elqui Valley, Chile

For the first time, we had the Blessing of visiting Chile and stepping on the sacred ground of “Bhargava Dham,” (Colorado, Elqui Valley). It is a very special place where we felt energized and relaxed at the same time.

Bhargava Dham, located in the mountains and next to the river Cochiguaz, is one of the three main Homa Energy Points in the world. This ancient place of Yajnyas is being reactivated with the many Homa fires and disciplines and is to play an important role in the planetary healing process. Continue reading “Our Visit to Bhargava Dham, Elqui Valley, Chile”

Agnihotra in Tuscany, Italy

Renate Lechler writes from Tuscany, Italy:

“I am German and I live since 37 years in Italy near Florence in Tuscany. 27 years ago I bought a beautiful farm house on 1.5 ha with many olive trees.”

“I got in contact with Agnihotra 5 years back reading article about it. Since years I practiced it with joy and I can see the the difference in the nature, with my animals and we as human beings.” Continue reading “Agnihotra in Tuscany, Italy”

International Effort to Get Agnihotra Ash to Japan

Agnihotra ash will be sent from the Agni Shalas (Agnihotra Fire Temple) at the Homa Therapy centres ‘Bhrugu Aranya’ in Poland, ‘Haldenhof’ Germany and ‘Om Shree Dham’ in Australia, to help support much needed healing in Japan from radioactivity.

Certain simple disciplines are maintained in these Agni Shalas to ensure purity and potency. Continue reading “International Effort to Get Agnihotra Ash to Japan”

Agnihotra Neutralizes the Effects of Radioactivity


           Do not concentrate on the negative aspects of people. Concentrate on positive. In discovering faults in yourself let that not deter you, let it inspire you. Make the effort to rid yourself of your faults and you will be rewarded with their gradual disappearance if you practise your disciplines faithfully. Everything depends on your own efforts. You can be given one hundred indications in dreams and visions but if you yourself do not make efforts to follow them, progress will be dulled.
          Do not think, “What will be”. Focus on what already is i.e. “Be here and now”. Meditate 2 to 3 minutes before meal. No worry. No fear. Only love now.
          Relax, move and turn off the worries and anxieties just as if you had a faucet and turn off water that was flowing out. Then replace those thoughts, worries, fears with REPETITION OF HOLY NAME. Continue reading “Agnihotra Neutralizes the Effects of Radioactivity”