Our Visit to Bhargava Dham, Elqui Valley, Chile

For the first time, we had the Blessing of visiting Chile and stepping on the sacred ground of “Bhargava Dham,” (Colorado, Elqui Valley). It is a very special place where we felt energized and relaxed at the same time.

Bhargava Dham, located in the mountains and next to the river Cochiguaz, is one of the three main Homa Energy Points in the world. This ancient place of Yajnyas is being reactivated with the many Homa fires and disciplines and is to play an important role in the planetary healing process.

Bhargava Dham, with its temples of fire (Agnihotra and Tryambakam) and a small place of worship for Mother Mary, captured our essence from the first moment. Master Shree Vasant has placed the care of this place into the loving hands of Mrs Carmen Hurtado.

On our first night, a group of young people came to learn Homa Therapy and the benefits of this healing practice. In the photos (above and right), we are sharing a Rudra Yagnya with Agnihotri friends. Present have been: Carlos Bustamante (Sanskrit Teacher), Tania Osalbrenha (from Brazil), Mario and Veronica – the neighbors from ‘Rising Sun‘, Mrs Lavinia, Ms Lotus from the Pisco Ayurveda Center, Francisco Fernandez and his wife Cecilia, Dr. Fernando Aguilar from the ‘Homa Medical Center Cochiguaz,’ Mrs Cristina Sid, Mrs Juanita, Mrs Milena, Ms Pilar del ‘Refugio del Angel’ and Mrs Carmen Hurtado. Afterwards, we shared sunset Agnihotra in a serene and wonderful atmosphere. (photo below)

At night, after a day of many Yajnyas (Homas), we shared some videos from around the world; it shows that the healing Homa fires know no boundaries, nor limits. In many chronic and degenerative diseases, which conventional medicine cannot cure or stop, the effect of Agnihotra and its healing ash has been extremely helpful. (Photo below)

Each day in Bhargava Dham, which we perceive as a gift of the Divine, is full of new experiences, physical and internal work, meditation, Mantra, Yoga, many hours of Tryambakam, and much more… We are captured by a “force” that fills us with gratitude, joy and well-being at all levels.
(Photos above: Abel teaching a yoga class with Simone, Teresa and Aleta. Carmen and Aleta are working in the garden. Below left – Teresa and Abel are busy in the workshop. Right – Dear Mother Lavi is preparing the land for seeding.)

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