Agnihotra in Tuscany, Italy

Renate Lechler writes from Tuscany, Italy:

“I am German and I live since 37 years in Italy near Florence in Tuscany. 27 years ago I bought a beautiful farm house on 1.5 ha with many olive trees.”

“I got in contact with Agnihotra 5 years back reading article about it. Since years I practiced it with joy and I can see the the difference in the nature, with my animals and we as human beings.”

“Friends and guests start to listen to the Mantra and they get interested and ask me if they can participate and learn it. In Italy we are now 5 people who practice Agnihotra.”

“I brought Agnihotra too to Cuba. Three groups, one now with nearly 30 participants, are active in two different regions of the island. With Agnihotra, hope, recovery of health and mind, better food, clean atmosphere, good energy are the result of this great practice. The health grows with Agnihotra from the basics, people then get stronger and alone can take their life in their hands.”

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