Homa Therapy at Health Fair in Caracas, Venezuela

Mr Zadir Correo sent the following information about the opening of a Health Fair in Caracas:

“Dr Marveys Hernandez performed the opening of our “Eternal Fair “on 31 October with a Vyahruti Homa. On the 3rd of November, the public was invited to participate in the Tryambakam Homa.”

Learn about Dr Marveys Hernandez’ remarkable recovery from uterine cancer with Agnihotra ash more than 20 years ago!

“We extend our words of thanks to Dr Marveys and Ms Migdalis, who were kind enough to share their knowledge with us.”

(See photo above of the opening of the Fair. Below left – introductory talk on Homa Therapy. Below right – Tryambakam with Dr Marveys Hernandez.)

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