Agnihotra in Ottawa, Canada

Ana-Karyn Garcia reports from Ottawa, Canada:
Now a good group of 20 people are practicing Agnihotra in Ottawa, Canada.
We found challenges in drying the dung in the winter weather, however we are enthusiastic in keeping the Agnihotra alive.

With your support we felt brave to face the winter with the sacred and warm flame of purity and healing.

Agnihotra in Arnhem Land, NT, Australia

Kathryn Bose reports from Arnhem Land N.T. Australia:
I live in the remote far north of Australia in North East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, which is Aboriginal territory. The previous Australian government has recently enforced drastic changes in many areas of life for Aboriginal people in an effort to reduce their health and social problems. This has been done without proper consultation and has led to more confusion and disempowerment. It is hard to know what to do to assist the people. Continue reading “Agnihotra in Arnhem Land, NT, Australia”

We Must Consciously Blend in with Nature

Watch Shree give this message. 

               We have to learn, all mankind, that we have to consciously blend in with nature. Not only that, but make Nature more harmonious, more blissful. It must be all Peace and Bliss. If we live in accordance with our ordained duties, Laws of Vedas, we can help Nature become more harmonious. That is done by respecting Nature. We can translate that to our thoughts and actions. If all our thoughts are pure and full of love and all our actions are taken in a spirit of surrender then we are filling the atmosphere in which we live with all these positive energies and vibrations. It makes all of Nature happy. Continue reading “We Must Consciously Blend in with Nature”