Agnihotra in Ottawa, Canada

Ana-Karyn Garcia reports from Ottawa, Canada:
Now a good group of 20 people are practicing Agnihotra in Ottawa, Canada.
We found challenges in drying the dung in the winter weather, however we are enthusiastic in keeping the Agnihotra alive.

With your support we felt brave to face the winter with the sacred and warm flame of purity and healing.

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  1. Hello!
    I am in Toronto and I would like to gather with Homa members here. I will apppreciate if you help me out to find the group in Toronto or a person who is practicing the therapy, or a member with whom I can practice and learn more about Agnihotra.

    Thank you ! and have a wonderful 2022!
    Luisa Fajardo
    1 647 339 1547

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