More Contact Now with Other Galaxies

Master Shree Vasant in Bhrugu Aranya, Poland. The flames across the globe appeared after developing the photo.
Watch Shree give this message. 

One interesting thing is that there is more contact now between our planet and other galaxies. If you look into this subject, you will find an enormous store of information never before published or disclosed which governments of the world are privy to. There are plans to corrupt the atmosphere so that these planetary communications can be halted. Planetary communications which come without words but with great influx of energies all directed toward the healing of this planet.

The ones at the top have a vested interest in silencing those who know something. And there are many top scientists who are far more aware of this top secret information than would dare to admit. There are ones unafraid to speak out, but their knowledge is so unusual and so uncommon that the general public will not believe them. So, this knowledge remains with them, save for those who dare to publicize their findings and personal experience as well via the written word or via internet now.

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