We Must Consciously Blend in with Nature

Watch Shree give this message. 

               We have to learn, all mankind, that we have to consciously blend in with nature. Not only that, but make Nature more harmonious, more blissful. It must be all Peace and Bliss. If we live in accordance with our ordained duties, Laws of Vedas, we can help Nature become more harmonious. That is done by respecting Nature. We can translate that to our thoughts and actions. If all our thoughts are pure and full of love and all our actions are taken in a spirit of surrender then we are filling the atmosphere in which we live with all these positive energies and vibrations. It makes all of Nature happy.

              This is especially so when we perform Agnihotra as the foundation of our way of life. Fivefold Path is not a part time job done at sunrise, sunset, full moon, no moon and meditation timings. It is a way of life, a way to live harmoniously on the planet.

              Our whole way of doing things must change. We have to set up a new civilization.

                   Mankind. Let us fulfill our ordained duty and lead Nature and fill Nature with love and positive vibrations.

                   Nature is perfect. It functions solely on the Law of Karma, the Law of ‘Reap as you Sow’.  Man must realize that we also function solely by Law of Karma. Therefore consciously blending in with Nature we can be happy in this very life. We can elevate all of conscious to PEACE and BLISS, HEAVEN on EARTH. It is within our grasp. We must seize the opportunity.

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