Nature without Man is Perfect

Watch Shree give this message. 

If we look at Nature without man, just Nature in its most pristine, undisturbed state, it is perfect. The entire Nature functions on action/reaction, predator/prey balance – The law of Karma. It is only thrown out of balance by man. Man is the only living physical occupant of the planet that has the power of choice – the ability to use intellect to make decisions. As we look around us we can see the incredibly poor decisions man has made regarding short term benefits of technology without regard for the long term environmental implications. Plants and animals are disappearing at alarming rates.

In order to assure that man could live harmoniously with Nature, Almighty Father along with creation gave VEDAS, the owner’s manual that tells man how to function harmoniously with his planet. Not only can man live harmoniously with his planet but he alone can create an environment that is literally HEAVEN ON EARTH.
And where has he gone wrong?

By mankind merely living on this planet we pollute it, we urinate, defecate, breathe, build, grow and eat. If we are to function harmoniously with our planet we must give back to Nature to compensate for what we have taken. The means given in the VEDAS for all this is YAJNYA (Homa Fire) and the basic Homa is Agnihotra tuned to the biorhythm of Sunrise/Sunset. It is Agnihotra, which is given in the VEDAS as the first thing the householder must do.

Man is able to serve Nature by performing Agnihotra. It is man alone, none in the animal kingdom that can recite the Agnihotra Mantras. So it is man’s duty to serve Nature and perform Agnihotra.

So if we are going to correct this dilemma we have created for ourselves then Agnihotra is the way. Not because we say so but because that is the way it was given in the Beginning for man to live in PEACE and BLISS.

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