Scientific Validation

Global climate changes indicate that Nature is out of balance, and pollution of all our environment seems to be one important cause for that. Can this ancient knowledge of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy help us to set things right?

Many reports and some preliminary studies on how Agnihotra and Homa Therapy help establish that these methods really help to bring Nature back to harmony. But how do these effects come about? This is still a mostly unanswered question. More indepth studies are needed to better understand the underlying mechanisms, and many of them can be done on College level, some even on school level. For more fundamental research, more sophisticated methods and equipment are necessary, available in research institutions and universities. These studies, carried out seriously, can give hope to the younger generation.

Below are results of some studies which have been made over the years.

Studies in Human Health
Studies in Psychotherapy
Studies on Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Studies on Air Quality
Studies on Water Quality
Studies on Micro-organisms
Studies on Animals
Studies on Seed Germination
Studies on Genotoxicity
Studies on Plant Growth
Studies on Medicinal Plants
Studies on Horticulture Crops
Studies on Agriculture Crops
Studies on Soil Fertility
Studies on Somayag
Studies on Comparison of Agnihotra Materials