Staying at Om Shree Dham Homa Farm, Hunter Valley, Australia

Karuna Coleman sent the following report:

I moved in to Om Shree Dham on 14th January, 2013, knowing that I had issues that I wanted to break free from.

After 4 months of Agnihotra and other Homa Fires, joining in on ongoing Tryambakam Fires for Full and New Moons, an organic vegetarian diet and living in the special tranquility that Homa creates in nature, with Grace holding my hand, I broke through a major core issue that I had been running from for some time and didn’t even realize what an intense influence it was having on my life, from decision-making to relationships. The breakthrough was so profound it has changed my life.

I am confident, free and at peace within myself and very clear. Continue reading “Staying at Om Shree Dham Homa Farm, Hunter Valley, Australia”

Agnihotra in Batu Pahat., Johor, Malaysia

We received the following news from Mr Sim Choon Yong, a journalist of China Press from Batu Pahat in Johor state, Malaysia:

I want to share with you that we have now about 21 pyramids in Batu Pahat. Our group meets regularly on Monday evenings at the Art of Living Centre to do Agnihotra together. We have also organized two outdoor gatherings at a beautiful mountain-view place at Minyak Beku, where we can see the sunset while doing Agnihotra. Sometimes we have our gathering at Violet Lee’s house at Minyak Beku. Continue reading “Agnihotra in Batu Pahat., Johor, Malaysia”

Homa Therapy Workshops in Victoria, Australia

An Agnihotra tour and Homa Therapy workshops were held in Victoria in early May. Maryann Billian from the Baltimore Homa Community in the U.S. and Joshua Hoare, Agnihotri from Melbourne assisted Lee on the tour. It was lovely to share the experience, always highly inspiring and enriching.

Stops included Peter Noblet’s Ayurvedic Healing Centre in Highett, Torquay in Leonie’s home (attended by many young families), Trudy’s place in Kyneton, and Tania Kavathas’s home in Croydon. Tania is an Art of Living teacher. Continue reading “Homa Therapy Workshops in Victoria, Australia”

Agnihotra for Balance

Richard from Western Australia writes:

“My partner Sian taught me Agnihotra in March, 2012. I found doing Agnihotra took a measure of precision, practice and dedication to get right. When you do, it’s an amazing practice that, done diligently, reaps many rewards. Sian and I typically perform two fires, as we have a pyramid each. It’s a beautiful practice to do together. Continue reading “Agnihotra for Balance”

Agnihotra in Panama

I received the following letter from Rev Mike Menkes:

I stayed in El Valle, a picturesque mountain town just two hours from Panama City in Panama from July to December, 2012 with Agnihotra performed several times a week. My property manager complained to El Corregidor (town magistrate) that I had damaged my rental casita.

I performed Agnihotra the morning of our hearing. Following my suggestion, El Corregidor visited the property, where the manager had complained that I had ruined the gas stove. She pointed out that the plastic rings around the oven dials had melted and that I was an irresponsible tenant. Continue reading “Agnihotra in Panama”

Agnihotra is the Way

           Agnihotra is the way. People will begin to see now. They can easily feel the tremendous peace that comes by Grace by its mere performance alone.

         The shape of the Agnihotra pyramid should not be interfered with. Now we have to be more subtle with YAJNYA. Time is crucial. Times are desperate. In order to get the optimum effect from Agnihotra, the shape of the pyramid should be intact.

           To rise much higher with single effort do all actions out of love. Discipline your children out of love. The child will feel that and it will adhere to the discipline much quicker because it senses love is behind that. You can be firm but still be gentle.

             Respect each other no matter how harsh a criticism seems. LOOK TO THE SOUL NOT TO THE PERSONALITY. All are being lifted now. No one is at fault. There is no reason for blame.

Continue reading “Agnihotra is the Way”