Staying at Om Shree Dham Homa Farm, Hunter Valley, Australia

Karuna Coleman sent the following report:

I moved in to Om Shree Dham on 14th January, 2013, knowing that I had issues that I wanted to break free from.

After 4 months of Agnihotra and other Homa Fires, joining in on ongoing Tryambakam Fires for Full and New Moons, an organic vegetarian diet and living in the special tranquility that Homa creates in nature, with Grace holding my hand, I broke through a major core issue that I had been running from for some time and didn’t even realize what an intense influence it was having on my life, from decision-making to relationships. The breakthrough was so profound it has changed my life.

I am confident, free and at peace within myself and very clear.
Also in this special time I developed the positive habit of taking Agnihotra ash every day…First thing in the morning a cup of warm to hot water with a pinch of organic ghee and a large pinch of Agnihotra ash! Wow what a difference that made, regulating digestion quite quickly.

For my sciatica problem I continued to rub the Agnihotra Ash ointment into my thigh. After a while I felt the pain only every other day. It healed me to such a point of no weakness in my left leg.

So from my heart I thank Lee and Frits for their genuine input into making my stay there as comfortable as possible and with some great laughs and celebrations of Truth, making music with the drums, crystal bowls and Lee’s voice inviting the angels to join in.

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