Agnihotra is the Way

           Agnihotra is the way. People will begin to see now. They can easily feel the tremendous peace that comes by Grace by its mere performance alone.

         The shape of the Agnihotra pyramid should not be interfered with. Now we have to be more subtle with YAJNYA. Time is crucial. Times are desperate. In order to get the optimum effect from Agnihotra, the shape of the pyramid should be intact.

           To rise much higher with single effort do all actions out of love. Discipline your children out of love. The child will feel that and it will adhere to the discipline much quicker because it senses love is behind that. You can be firm but still be gentle.

             Respect each other no matter how harsh a criticism seems. LOOK TO THE SOUL NOT TO THE PERSONALITY. All are being lifted now. No one is at fault. There is no reason for blame.

              For all of you, learn to look for what is your part in a disagreement. Don’t be so swift to blame. Take responsibility for your part as soon as you become aware of it. If you become aware and say nothing, then it is like withholding evidence in a trial. Better to incriminate yourself. You cannot get away with the crime. Ultimately all criminals get caught, at least in the web of Karma.

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