Now is the Time for All Good Men and Women to Come to the Aid of Their Planet

That we live in “interesting” times understates matters. Perhaps all times were interesting, but the magnitude of the challenges on our individual and collective plates currently, makes the word ‘understatement’ seem like an understatement!

Here in U.S.A. where I find myself for a few weeks, a few years ago the popular catchphrase was that certain banks were “too big to fail.” Well, Planet Earth is bigger than any bank and if we continue to think it is too big to fail, it may certainly be too late to avoid just that fate. Self-fulfilling prophecies can be very dangerous.
You see, there are forces in the world that profit off of failure, get ego gratification off of failure (of others), and generally, one might say, epitomize “misery loves company.”
Call them ‘Dark Forces,’ or Monsanto, or whoever/whatever is behind Geo-engineering (Chemtrails, et al), or call them our collective unconscious behavior that bemoans making hard decisions whether they be about carbon credits, credit cards, or proper diets–whatever the negative energies and forces are, they are wreaking havoc. At least we can longer profess ignorance of this.
If ignorance is truly bliss, then, at least for now, the age of bliss is on hold because one would need to be comatose not to know how bad things are.
It is not only nearly too late to debate how bad things are, but it is unnecessary (politics notwithstanding).
So can we kindly move on to what, if anything, we might be able to do about it?
If there are elements that are too big to fail, what about we who may be excused for feeling we are too small to succeed? That’s the cue for the Law of Karma. When it is said in scientific circles that, “For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction,” we can rest assured that any and all efforts we make will bear fruit on one level or another.
When we remember that if we take one step, the Divine then takes ten steps for us, we can take succor in the basic fairness and hope that this life of ours contains. When the innocents and meek among us seem to be treading water, while in fact, they will inherit the Earth, we need access only Love, Patience, Faith and Endurance.
For it shall be. The planet will be saved. For whom it will be saved is the question. Will I be among the saved or will I be doomed to see the future generations of my seed bemoan their days of birth and wonder just how those Baby Boomers, for example, could have been so clueless to have left the planet in worse shape than they found it—not the way guests are supposed to behave!
If it were too late, we could end the article right here. But despite the gloom and doom which sell newspapers and make cable TV ratings soar, there are solutions. Satsang writes about them all the time—and has now for over 41 years, in fact.
So back issues are available and today and tomorrow are new days. It may not be too late, but that it is getting late is surely the case. Ask the glaciers before they leave town.
And perhaps it’s good not to delude ourselves further that this or that is too big to fail—or too small to succeed. Such thinking is not only borderline delusional, but it is an excuse, an illusion, a justification for inaction or wrong action.
Enough already. We need search the depths of our being, turn off the externalities and go inside. “The only way out is in,” Orion has reminded us more than once. If we go inside, we will likely learn we are more alike than different and John Lennon’s wish that we ‘Come Together’ may at last manifest.

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