News of Homa Therapy in Australasia – June 2012

Agnihotra in New Zealand Workshop Tour Nov 2011

workshop in NZ

Workshop in small rural community, Awhitu, Nth of Auckland

Lee & Frits travelled through the Nth & Sth Island of NZ teaching Homa Therapy.
There were big crowds and small but overall lots of people took up Agnihotra and it feels now like Homa Therapy is truly established in NZ. Fifteen workshops were organised and 4 more were spontaneously added to the itinerary. We also had 4 radio interviews and 2 or 3 newspaper articles published.

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Interview with Irma Garcia in ‘The Speaking Tree’

The Speaking Tree is a regular column in the Times of India newspaper.

June 22, 2012.
HARSH KABRA talks to IRMA GARCIA who gave up a high-profile UN job two decades ago to practise Homa Therapy and Homa Organic Farming. At 70, the indefatigable Venezuelan divides her time between the Homa Therapy Goshala at Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh and travelling around the world to propagate the benefits of Homa Therapy to restore environmental and mental balance.

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Agnihotra on Kuantan Beach, Malaysia

Mr. Alan Wong reports from Malaysia:

“On 1st May 2012, a total of 22 Agnihotris gathered at Kuantan beach, East Coast of Malaysia to perform early morning Agnihotra.”

“After waiting for the Agnihotra fire to extinguish completely, we then practised sun gazing for 15 minutes followed by Sun Salutation exercise.”

“The participants felt exuberant and fully charged after the practices and all promised to return next Sunday morning.”

Establishing Resonance Points on Farms in Andhra Pradesh, India

Mr. Dhananjay Jog writes from Bangalore:

“I am enclosing a photo, where Mr Mulay (photo right) and his wife are establishing Homa Resonance Points on farms in Andhra Pradesh. They did that in two villages in Chittoor District. Previously I had conducted there weekly (from September to November, 2011) Agnihotra & Homa Farming awareness camps in the villages Kothaindlu in Tirupati Mandal and Chandam in Kuppam Mandal of Chittoor District. Continue reading “Establishing Resonance Points on Farms in Andhra Pradesh, India”

Anything Which Infatuates the Ego is not the Spiritual Path.

      Anything which infatuates the ego is not part of spiritual path.

      Release the pain. Turn all attention to God for He will reveal to you your true mission in life. THAT IS TO SERVE AND TO HEAL.

      Be truth. Be patient. Be full of love. Be compassion. All that you seek, be that. Clear away the illusion. All the joy you seek is already within you.

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