Anything Which Infatuates the Ego is not the Spiritual Path.

      Anything which infatuates the ego is not part of spiritual path.

      Release the pain. Turn all attention to God for He will reveal to you your true mission in life. THAT IS TO SERVE AND TO HEAL.

      Be truth. Be patient. Be full of love. Be compassion. All that you seek, be that. Clear away the illusion. All the joy you seek is already within you.

      Let the Divine Motherly love which knows no boundaries, no limits flow through you. There is no question of patience/impatience, no question of correct/incorrect. No room for blame or shame. ONLY LOVE.

      Fivefold Path is not a path for Sunday worshipers but a path for all days. One can lead a normal life with job and family and still make the spiritual path his priority. This is the purpose in life. Service. If one can pay heed to one’s spiritual path and requisites thereof in all times of life the well of inner strength will be like a reserve water tank in times of drought. It will be full enough to supply not one but all who come.

      You are already nearer. The only separation between us lies in your mind. Watch your thoughts. Simply watch them. Thoughts manifest into speech, then into action. If you want to correct your actions begin by first watching your thoughts. Observe your own mind. Then next, make all effort to change your way of thinking so that all thought is positive ultimately, so that the thoughts reflect an inner peace. At the same time you begin to observe your thoughts, increase your meditations, but not by time. Intensifying your meditations by focusing on Mantra, visualizing in your mind an image of Maharaj Shree.

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