Forget These Emotions

                Forget these emotions. We know these desires. You must rise. Happiness can not be found in relationship between man and woman alone. Without yearning for that higher love the lower self remains unnourished as the higher self realizes its dilemma. Make happiness dependent on no one man or woman. All happiness is in the hands of the Almighty. Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

                 Do you know how full of love you are truly? It is just working on the character that needs to be done. Be more patient with yourself first and with others. If you are constantly impatient with yourself, how can you be patient with others?

              If there is one person who disturbs you more than anyone else and you are fed up with him or her, then may we suggest a change in attitude? Look at the person in a new light. Every time you find yourself ready to make a comment that comes from judgment, STOP – first step. Second step, do MANTRA until that impulse to judge completely disappears. For a while, as you are in a position where people come and ask your advice, do not offer any unsolicited opinions or suggestions to this person. No matter whether these opinions and suggestions are helpful or even positive, make no comments at all. Then, do not avoid this person. Welcome their presence as an opportunity to practice Tapa. Step three: As you become comfortable after practicing this “Judgment Tapa” you are ready for step three. Step three is that you find ways to SERVE that person. Whether it is to offer them a ride, to bring them some food, to help them in some way, do that. Then, still no commentary. That means the “service” cannot be a compliment, but an actual tangible good or service.

             Begin with steps one and two. After practicing this TAPA for a few days, at least, then begin step three. The reason for that is that step three has to be taken with full heart. You will need to practice steps one and two in order to uncover the heart. Begin at once and only with this person. Later, it can be applied to anyone. For many people, this is excellent practical advice.

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