Establishing Resonance Points on Farms in Andhra Pradesh, India

Mr. Dhananjay Jog writes from Bangalore:

“I am enclosing a photo, where Mr Mulay (photo right) and his wife are establishing Homa Resonance Points on farms in Andhra Pradesh. They did that in two villages in Chittoor District. Previously I had conducted there weekly (from September to November, 2011) Agnihotra & Homa Farming awareness camps in the villages Kothaindlu in Tirupati Mandal and Chandam in Kuppam Mandal of Chittoor District.

The results were:

  • Five farmers have started Homa Farming since December.
  • They perform Agnihotra regularly.
  • All five farmers have been trained to process biosol. They use biosol in farming.
  • They’re happy with Homa Farming as they produce more vegetables of better quality.
  • Children also love to attend Agnihotra while their parents perform it.

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