These are Very Difficult Times

October 18, 2013
 Master Shree
through Parvati

These are very difficult times in the world. Time to come together in positive, healing Homa environment, to create alternate ways of thinking, feeling and willing. The old ways no longer work.

Go deeper in spiritual practice. Focus on it. Devote yourselves to it. This is the source of strength which will give you the courage to move in harmony toward the Light.

Half measures are akin to ‘sitting on the fence’ and not giving all you are able to give. There is no time for fence-sitting or for half measures now.

On this Path of Light, all of you truly must practice forgiveness, strive for understanding and work hand-in-hand in Unity. Separating into factions will only lead to isolation. Come together in the Name of Parama Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj.

We have called for UNITY again and again. It is essential now. You need each other’s support.

We are with you all. Do not become discouraged. Even if you feel more tired, due to the intense energies in the atmosphere. Increase your fires.

Come together in spirit of UNITY and with full intention to HEAL this planet through the agency of Fire.

At each Point of Light, intensify your practices. Fires performed here at Bhrugu Aranya, Poland, at Elqui Valley, Chile and Maheshwar, India, all connect to create a shield.

Everything is beyond human understanding.

Move in Light, in all humility, armed with gratitude and love. Make every attempt to come together, to make amends, to forgive, to understand and to unite as One Family in His Name.

May you walk in Light.
All love and Blessings.

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