If One Practises Swádhyáya

If one practises Swádhyáya (Self-Study) with all purest intent on becoming one with the Higher Being, then what is revealed at this stage is like a cleansing of the soul. Swádhyáya is the fifth pathway of the Fivefold Path. It is to be taken in all earnest because to really know oneself, one has to be willing to experience all aspects of his person. Some of that is painful; some is difficult to face but the ultimate goal is to be one with the Master. Until one’s personality is cleansed and purified one cannot attain that level where "I and my Father are One". Continue reading “If One Practises Swádhyáya”

Australasian Homa Therapy Newsletter July 2019



Ancient Wisdom from Ayurveda to heal modern problems

  • Organic Farming with Agnihotra as pivotal practice – Correcting PH of soil, decreasing salinity in ground water and eradicating viral disease – Indonesia
    • Biodiversity through Homa Therapy- Scientific Validation
      • Agnihotra transforming one’s life
        • A visit to sister Centre Bhrugu Aranya, Eco Village and Homa Therapy Centre Poland
          • Om Shree Dham, Homa Therapy Centre Australasia

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