If One Practises Swádhyáya

If one practises Swádhyáya (Self-Study) with all purest intent on becoming one with the Higher Being, then what is revealed at this stage is like a cleansing of the soul. Swádhyáya is the fifth pathway of the Fivefold Path. It is to be taken in all earnest because to really know oneself, one has to be willing to experience all aspects of his person. Some of that is painful; some is difficult to face but the ultimate goal is to be one with the Master. Until one’s personality is cleansed and purified one cannot attain that level where "I and my Father are One".

So becoming aware of one’s shortcomings should be a moment of great relief. Through earnest effort made to overcome such burdens as anger, lust, envy, greed and the like one advances spiritually and by Grace the cleansing is done rapidly now. Agnihotra gives the whole process a boost. Then one also learns or becomes aware of his/her capabilities and talents that help to give direction to this life. It is by cleansing oneself of desire and imperfections of character that one reaches the stage where he or she can truly be of service to the Almighty.

Have respect for the people but do not be afraid of them. Fear is not necessarily respect. The whole religion of Christianity is built on fear. It is easy to have fear. It is difficult to maintain a devoted spirit of surrender and respect. Do you see the difference? You are developing that inner reverence and respect now. Fear breeds resentment and mistrust. Respect breeds confidence, faith, trust. I do not want anyone afraid of me and my word. When that fear is in the heart a wall is always between the devotee and his Master. When the fear dissolves there can be clear connection between the two. Then the devotee’s word is from Him and he speaks only truth and his word is One with the Divine. Then only can one speak. That is why silence is the best teacher. The mind is still and the voice can be heard.

       Focus all the time on the fires and on the work. Then neither of you will fall prey to illusion or desire. Help each other. Be honest with each other. Support each other in these difficult times. Remember you are two pure instruments of the Master. Remember and you will cease to hurt each other.

      The first person to think of is each other, not the last. How you treat each other determines how you treat others. Always think like that. This is the way to learn to SERVE, to LOVE and have all compassion. Begin here. Every hour there are stones. We have to face the stones. Like hail stones they come. Still we remain clear focused on our way through any storm.

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