Mandala Meditation – Nurturing Mother Love


“Tend the gardens of your hearts, dear ones. Plant always seeds of love. And remember, love has as its companions—patience, forgiveness, understanding, humility and peace. Nurture these seeds as a mother nurtures her children and they will grow strong and sturdy through all seasons. And your harvest will be bountiful. Then you may share all the gifts that were given to you and show all others the gifts of LOVE.“

(Mother Mary, as received via Parvati Rosen-Bizberg in meditation.) Continue reading “Mandala Meditation – Nurturing Mother Love”

Mandala Meditation – Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life

Cherish life.
Celebrate each other.
Honour and respect all humanity, all animals and our beloved Mother Earth.
The wheel of life turns, tides rise and fall.
We have precious moments on this Earth. Make them diamonds.
Let your light shine!