Things Are Much Worse in the World than They Appear

            Now things are much worse in the world than they appear. What appears to be even peaceful is like a bomb waiting to explode. So we have to keep all our attention on Mantra and Meditation. Then it comes daily what to do, where to go, whom to see. Just single-pointedness and awareness of what is around you, what people’s needs are and then it is simple. So pay attention. Always, when you begin to stray, even in the least way, now you are pulled back immediately.

          Be strong. Think wisely. Act slowly. There is no danger when devotion is foremost. Lift others with all Love, all Divine Love. Be kind and be generous. Be caring and provide shelter. This you do with all love and devotion. Then in such a safe harbor, the other person will begin to be able to trust and this will help him grow. All tenderness, all LOVE and do not allow for disrespect. If someone becomes angry, simply keep silence. He will come to know on his own.

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