Agnihotra Australasia Newsletter – July 2008

Satsang at Om Shree Dham
Sunday Satsang at Om Shree Dham with healing Fire and meditation, devotional singing and vegetarian feast.

Many International and Australian Wwoofers help at OSD Many Wwoofers from different continents have stayed with us and taken Agnihotra back to their home country. Taylor from Canada stayed with us for 4 months helping Frits with building, doing cow dung duty, feeding the cows, gardening etc. He took up Agnihotra and contributed to our daily Om Tryambakam Yajnya as well. He is now back in Canada working on an Organic farm and introducing Agnihotra to his hosts. We miss him dearly.

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Why Yagnya (Homa) is an Effective Remedy for Climate Change

Special effect due to Yajnya

(Here we use the terms Yajnya and Homa interchangeably)

Message from Shree Vasant Maheshwar, India 6 July 2008:
“Ancient tradition of Vedic knowledge states that due to performance of Yajnya
ÁPOORVA comes about. Apoorva means: ‘that which was not there before.’ Some special effect comes about: ‘something which was not there before.’
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Creating Misery in One’s Life

             One can find endless sources for creating misery in one’s life. People can become dependent because they have no money or because they have a lot of money but no one to share the money with. They can be unhappy traveling or unhappy because they are in one place all the time. If everything started to run smoothly still the mind starts to create a new reason for misery. Mind becomes addicted to it. It is a never ending cycle. Continue reading “Creating Misery in One’s Life”